Half speed at Best!


Account Number:***********

Package: 2Gig Pro+

My speeds are less than half of 2Gb, 944Mbps at best
Have been All day
wired connection, yes on LAN 4 and it has a 2.5 And a 10 GB ethernet ports

Was getting around 1.9GB previously

Nothing has changed re my setup

WAS told on Whatsapp
“Thank you! I’m gonna fire this straight away
We’ll get this sorted for you :slightly_smiling_face:
Spot on! This is really helpful thank you. Our network team are on it now and hopefully I’ll have an update shortly”

That was at 18:34, it is Now 21:35

Tried Whatsapp, support ticket and now here.

They’re not here that much sadly, you’re best off emailing [email protected]

Have already done so. Just trying every avenue open, including WhatsApp

They are on it now but can’t do anything until 9am, when City Fibre start.
Seems that City Fibre Only operate from 9am to 6pm from what Liam (Yayzi) said in emails last night.

Personally I find that extremely disturbing for what should be a 24/7 monitored service.

Where does it say it’s a 24/7 monitored service?

An example SLA for another CF provider - Yayzi do not publish these so could very well be different.

In the event of a service fault, services with Standard Care will look to be cleared of a reported fault within 40 clock hours of receipt of the fault being reported, excluding any allowable parked time.

In the event of a service fault, services with Enhanced Care will look to be cleared of a reported fault within 20 working hours of receipt of the fault being reported, excluding any allowable parked time.

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I never said that it was 24/7, I said that it ‘should’ be.

Also I was talking about City Fibre, Not Yayzi, as it is City Fibre that own the infrastructure not Yayzi.

I don’t know of any provider (outside of AAISP) that monitor individual subscribers connections.

They do it at the ISP routing level and not at the CF level for example.

Again I am talking about City Fibre, they own the fibre, connections etc.

What you are saying would mean that for example, Sky or Virgin Media do not monitor their own Tv network.
If you provide a 24/7 service then you should have 24/7 cover, that simple. Talking about the actual physical lines.

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In my experience, Virgin don’t monitor anything, it’s up to the customers to report faults

They Must have engineers etc. And that was an example for a business that provids a 24/7 service, whatever that service is.

Yayzi said “hey are out of hours after 6pm” re City Fibre. So what happens if something catstrophic pccurs?

I guess it won’t be fixed until morning,

Paying people to be on-call is usually double rate or extra pay if on Salary, I’m not making excuses, it’s just how it is at the moment. I do not know how big Yayzi are, but my guess is not very, probably less than 20 people? They likely can’t afford overnight staff, even if they could they’re reliant on CF being responsive to issues overnight

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Again, I am Not talking about Yayzi here.
I know they are building their company and as such I wouldn’t really expect them to have staff reg online 24/7,

I Would have expected City Fibre to have had some kind of staff 24/7 as they are a far bigger company, supplying at least a dozen ISP’s

Really, the issue here is, we have to go through Yayzi to get to Cityfibre… Which while okay, if something happens out of hours, it’s impossible to do as our middle man has gone home. So even if CF has 24/7 staff, which I am sure they do, the Jo public has no way of reaching them. it’s a CF issue, as you say

Not according to Yayzi, which I think it unreal.
That gives the various ISP’s that supply (including this one) an automatically bad rep re their customer service.

Just to let you guys know, we do have 24/7 email support - So we’re always available in some regard.


Thanks, it was more the fact that you folk can’t contact City Fibre after 6pm that has me thinking?

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VM logging faults 24/7 is a largely moot point, they can’t actually ‘do’ anything other than send a hit or reboot the router.

Going back to your actual issue, you’re seemingly limited to gigabit, one of the links between you and the ONT has likely negotiated down, may take a reboot or a replacement cable, but if it was working before I suspect its a your side issue. Connecting direct to the 2.5Gb port on the router is the ideal way to test, though often thats not quite as easy as it sounds.

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This IS on the 2.5Gb port, wired to my PC, which hasa 2.5 and a 10.0 port, Nothing has changed there.

Yayzi have now got networking involved, as I was downloading at 1.9Gb directly from Steam but not from any other site

You may be faster than other sites can provide?

Most sites run on a 1G uplink, even still

I Was getting the correct speed

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They do on business lines :wink:

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