Help needed, 192 devices have high pings


I’ve added my Blink doorbell to my Yayzi wifi today, and when I click live view it takes ages to connect.
I decided to ping a few devices on my wifi and they are coming back with high pings (see below)

The current setup I have is > Yayzi router with Wi-Fi turned off > hard wired to my master deco set in Access point mode > 3 other decos scattered around the house as my main Wi-Fi.

When I ping any device on my Wi-Fi from my PC that’s hard wired into my Yayzi router the pings are really high.

Any ideas why?


It might be worth taking out router out, and using your Deco directly into the ONT.

You just need to set Dynamic IP and VLAN 911, see if that improves anything for you.

The issue I will have then is that the port will be 1gb so will reduce the speed to my PC which is hard wired to my Yayzi router via the 2.5gb port. I have another connection from the gigabit port that then feeds my deco to give me my wifi mesh.

Assuming you’re a windows user from the formatting, how about doing a tracert to 192.168.0.xx. You don’t actually tell us how you’re connected to the router, but given the massive swing in latency, i’d suspect it’s wifi and i’d suspect you may not have the deco’s optimised for the environment (it’s an option in the app). My one major criticism of Deco in AP mode is you have zero control over the channels it uses. Also check the firmware on the Deco’s is up to date, and power cycle them from the app.

Ideally a wired connection direct to the router would be my first choice as the latency should be <1ms. That will tell you if it’s a router issue or a you issue (everything else).

I’ve done the optimization via the app and it’s saying perfect.

I’m pinging from my PC that’s hard wired to my Yayzi router via the 2.5gb port. on one of the other 1gb ports I’m hard wired to my main Deco and set in access point mode, the other 3 deco’s are then linked to the main deco wirelessly. Anything I ping that’s on my deco mesh gets high pings, some have been in the 1000’s. Really can’t understand what the issue could be.

Forgot to mention, they’re all Deco M4’s

It’s more than likely a me issue lol, I’m guessing it’s a setting somewhere that’s somehow delaying the devices talking to each other, just not sure what setting to start with.

I’ve got 2 cheap tp-link cameras dotted around my house, internet access is blocked on them in Opnsense but I use the local RTSP feed if i need to view them.

My pings to the cameras are all over the shop but viewing the live feed takes around 2-6 seconds to view. Cheap TP Link and blink cameras are not going to give consistent replies to icmp, they barely have enough processing power to open a live view feed.

Pinging from a hard wired desktop.

2 TP Link Cameras

Pinging a Firestick 4K Max connected to the same AP as one of the TP-Links and the pings are very consistent and low for wifi

Have you tried pinging a laptop for example that has abit more processing power that’s connected to the same AP as your blink cameras. Blink cameras don’t support RTSP so you can’t view them without connecting to Amazon’s servers, if you could it would make the troubleshooting abit easier.

I would also try turning off all your deco nodes bar one, test pings again to a device that is near the node that is online.

Thanks, I’ll try this tomorrow. I’ll also try connecting straight from the ONT to my decos in router mode.

Hopefully one of these will pinpoint the problem.

Wait, are any of those nodes using powerline backhaul? Because that’s the spawn of Satan in networking terms. Generally you should be getting sub 1ms pings over a wired connection to another wired client if the whole data path is wired, are you using some sort of odd firewall/security suite? If it were me, i’d start with a wired device direct to the router and nothing else on the network, confirm the ping is as it should be, then introduce a deco, connect to that, then add devices (easy way to do this is to change the SSID so it doesn’t come online and all your devices go back online).

I’m not using any powerline adaptors, The setup is Yayzi router, hard wired to my pc via 2.5gb lan, 1gb lan hard wired to main deco (deco’s are in access point mode), other 3 deco’s are wireless in my mesh, one of those deco’s are using the lan port to a pc downstairs, everything else is using wifi on my deco mesh.

For some reason I can’t even ping the PC that’s wired to the Lan port, I just get host unreachable, even though I can see it and it’s IP on my deco app.

Not sure if it matters but deco app has fast roaming off, and beamforming on. I’ve not had chance to remove my Yayzi router yet and wire directly to my main one to rule out the router blocking/slowing things down.

I was thinking of trying to find a mesh system that has 2.5gb wan/lan ports, and supports VLAN, then doing away with my Yayzi router, however that are rare to find without paying lots of £££££

Another weird thing I’ve also noticed, when I do a speedtest on, via yayzi I get a low ping (around 6) but the initial test that it does to get the ping takes much longer than my VM connection, even though my VM ping is twice as high as my Yayzi connection to the same test site.

Something really doesn’t seem right here. You can ping the router with fractionally higher latency than expected (3ms rather than 1ms) via a wired connection, but get massive variation as soon as it goes to the deco’s and can’t ping one of the PC’s at all plugged into a deco node using wireless backhaul. Can you ping from that PC to the other or the router, do you get the same results? Have you got some form of firewall/security suite on that PC preventing ICMP? Is it possible to connect both PC’s to the Yayzi router? If you want more 2.5Gb ports, chuck a 2.5Gb switch at what you have for £25-45, but from what you have posted there appears to be something up with the Deco side of your network.

Speedtest will take the time to find the server with the lowest ping. That it takes longer to establish that isn’t an issue in itself. IIRC VM have an on network speedtest server as it’s the only way they could avoid routing/peering issues.

I’m thinking of upgrading the deco’s anyway, they’re the M4’s and wanted something newer. Just struggling to find ones with 2.5gb wan/lan ports that support vlan at a reasonable price.

The Pro’s have 2.5Gb from memory (XE75, X80, X90 etc.), but it’s pointless imo for wireless. Your usage may be different, but all my wireless devices are for media consumption/browsing, they have at most 256GB of storage and your average 4K REMUX barely spikes over 100Mbit, it also sucks for lots of small files and is subject to external interreference. The only time I would expect to install a 2.5Gb AP set-up is in a large business site install where the sheer number of wireless clients will saturate gigabit eg larger hospitality/events venue. I mean if you regularly have a few hundred mates round, feel free to ignore me :smiley: