How is the Yayzi supplied TP-Link EX820v pro router?

Anyone using the Yayzi supplied TP-Link EX820v pro router yet, how is it?

How’s performance for wired 2.5Gb Ethernet connection and Wifi6 speed/range?

Are Telephoney/VoIP options available in the user setup menu for adding a 3rd party SIP account?

Our WiFi drops constantly, and ethernet too on occasion. Trying to fault find but the router’s system log only saves about 30 minutes of information, so it’s not much use. There’s also no manual for it, an TP Link won’t help as it’s an ISP model. When it works it’s fantastic, but the repeated micro drops where it cuts out for a second or so are getting sily.

As all routers supplied by ISP I have switched to my own 4 years ago and never looked back.

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We are monitoring this for you and will make some changes based on the feedback, so you can expect the drop outs to resolve.

Yayzi Customer Support

Hi Support… I am having the same issue… can someone please help me resolve this?