How to find out my minium speed via wifi

Hi had my 900 plus installed but i have very bad black spots in our home the router is only available at the back of the house and up stairs at the back is ok where the router is based but the front is no signal or just 1 dot.on wifi.
Got a extender tplink only 2.4ghz so wouldnt give me 5g signal.
But the question is 900 plus upto 900mbps 700mbps guaranteed wired so whats the guarantee on the wifi
Only getting around 157mbps upload down 99.01 that in the room were the router is.

You cannot guarantee WIFI speeds because there is so many variables that can effect wireless performance.

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Wifi Speeds are limited to the devices, the strength of the signal and any interference. your router maybe suffering from congestion on your wifi channel. have a look at wifi analyser app on your phone and it will show the best channel to use and which one is congested, then change it on your router.

as for your black spots have a look at a mesh wifi setup, wifi repeaters are OK for 2.4Ghz and IOT devices but they can slow down your access to the internet.

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Hi would it be best to to upgrade my router to a tp link archer ax73 or go with the tp link deco 4 2 pack due to its at front of the home where black spots are or go for the three packs thanks.
Or getting a 5m ethernet cable so the router isnt behind the tv and putting a couple a feet away from the tv.

WiFi is all about location location location.

A bang average access point in a good location will out perform a top of the line access point in a poor location.

My sky router was behind the tv direct ethernet to sky q.
Had no issues before with sky broadband just the slow speeds.
All mobiles has no issues no drop outs just with yayzi broadand

Now getting slow speeds wifi drop outs so ive gone a ordered a
TP-Link Archer AX55 Dual-Band Gigabit Wi-Fi 6 AX3000 Router
To see if the issue is still there :thinking: