How to upgrade to 2.5 Gig Pro+ ? Manage Broadband doesn't work

I’ve tried 3 times now to upgrade using the ‘regrade’ option in thr Manage Broadband section of the Yayzi site to move to 2.5Gig Pro +

Each time it looks like it’s worked, I agree to the new terms and the cost increase and it then shows as 2.5 Gig Pro+ in my account page… but nothing happens. No email confirmation gets sent, no speed increase is seen.

If I go back to the account management page later (like an hour or so) it shows I’m back to 1.2Gig. How can I upgrade to 2.5Gig Pro + ?

The postcode checker says it’s available in my area and CityFibre installed the extra capacity ONT needed when they did my initial install in October - so it shouldn’t require any visit to move up in speed.

I have the same question, but I think they have their hands full with the Transit Link issue today, so I was going to wait a couple of days to ask :grinning:

Now all the transit shenanigans seems to be sorted - picking this back up.

I requested it 2 days ago and it still shows as 2.5Gig Pro + in my account page, so it seems to have stuck on your end but there’s still no change in speed, I’m still getting roughly 950 up / down to hyperoptic speedtest direct from my router itself - so not a local issue.

Can you take a look please @Yayzi_Team ?

It’s so frustrating to not get answered on what should be a simple question, and one where I want to give Yayzi more money each month.

Please send whatever provisioning you need to enable the 2.5Gig Pro+ on my line.

CityFibre installed the ONT that was required back in Oct. My request profile change stuck after 3 tries but no change has happened in speed. Why no reply ? @Yayzi_Team

If this is not the right avenue to get support where is? Whatsapp doesn’t answer, support tickets on the site don’t work and delete themselves as soon you make them.

Can you drop me a DM with your full name and address and take a look for you now