I Give Up Waiting

After nearly two months of trying to move my broadband business to Yayzi I have given up…

I have read and monitored the disgruntled customers on the forum and the issues one after another people suffer, that shouldn’t even exist when setting up a new service but I thought I’ll give them the benefit as they are new and independent and I’m also aware how difficuilt City fibre are to deal with, But unfortunately I just don’t have time to chase any longer.

I started discussing my move from Giganet (which have been great and had zeros issues with) over to Yayzi for the larger bandwidth options early in October. My service was set to cancel on the 16th November but had little communication back from Yayzi about the move, not even a contract or direct debit nothing

Closer to the 16th I started asking more questions on how the process was going and what to expect, the limited number of times i got a response it wasn’t convincing even from Founder and COO himself.

I was told a few times yes, we have your details everything is in place, no problem.

Being a home worker and reliant on the internet I needed some clarity on how much downtime to expect so I could plan. (I expected downtime its part and parcel)

Time ticks along and Giganet keep me informed of my imminent disconnection, yet Yayzi fail to keep me informed of any visits from city fibre or if my connection is actually booked to move.

Much as I tried on the forum via email, even directly with the founder I got no answers.

So along comes the 14th and I cancelled my cease with Giganet so as not to end up disconnected.

Post the 16th again I have had little success getting anything from Yayzi so I’ve decided to wait until my current provider or another supports the 2.3GB service.

The key when you’re growing is communication with your customers and consistent messages regardless of the size of the business. Without customers you are nothing.

I was hoping to be part of something here an early adopter and helping other community members as the services grows but it’s not to be…

Look at the signs if you’re thinking of signing up.

Incorrect speeds.

Routers not being shipped.

Static address not implemented.

Problems with online services.

No connection at all.

Poor communication.

I’ve never in all my years in IT infrastructure witness’s such chaos.

If you got connected and it’s all working as expected good luck for the future, I hope it all works out.

I’m going to keep paying someone I get a service from and who knows how to communicate.

Good Luck.



First of all, I’d like to apologise for this. It seems when the order is being placed in the system it has been rejected due to your previous provider not issuing a cease date to CityFibre which means the order is unable to progress.

I understand we’ve been communicating via LinkedIn and I apologise for not getting back to you there.

We’ve always taken onboard all feedback good and bad to ensure we do better.

Over the last few weeks, we have been migrating to a new billing system, and a new support system and we’ve hired 3 new team members to help with the support/billing and we’re currently training them up.

  • Routers are no longer an issue, we have a continuous stock of them.
  • Speed issue on the profiles have been corrected, so not an issue anymore.
  • Static IPs are being implemented without issues
  • Online services (I’m assuming you mean the portal) are being worked on, a couple of bugs resolved already.
  • No connections have been down to the CityFibre regrade process, which I have to say is messy but we’re working closely with CityFibre on this.
  • This I agree with, and why we’re making a lot of changes! :slight_smile:

I’d love to be given a chance to turn this around, I’ll reach out to you via LinkedIn later this evening.


I have been very patient. I work in the industry I know the challenges faced but I also have to be realistic and sometimes you just have to know to quit while ahead.

I submitted the order three times total twice on your request still nothing not even a welcome email or hey give us some money to get things going. Nothing

No need to reach out, its just my feedback

Good luck

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