Installed today. Not No working


Activated today, all lights green on ONT

But router wont connect using vlan 911 and dynamic ip.

Also is it possible to add a fixed ip ?

Account Number:


Router Status
internet Offline
Wireless Off

Seems like service needs to be activated your side.



If you turn your router off and back on, you should now have a connection, apologies for the delay!

Have a great weekend,
Yayzi Support Team

Hi Yayzi Team
I have the same issue. No internet connection. I’ve received txt from CityFibre that broadband service is live.
Could you please take a look?
My account number YRemoved


Give your router a reboot and you should now get a connection - also removed your account number from the post :slight_smile:

Yayzi Support Team

That was a super quick!
Thank you!

No problem at all! - Glad you’re all sorted, let us know if there is anything you need.

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FYI there’s an account number still in the OP as well.

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