Internet down again on 26/04/24

Internet seems to be down again in the Derby area, anyone else having issues?

Same here, Bracknell, Berkshire.

Same. Solihull, WM.

Leeds down also

Same in Lowestoft, Suffolk.

I’m in Leeds and I’m okay! must depend of what port of Leeds though. Pudsey area is fine

Slough was down now back up !

Dropped at about 3.30am and back around 9am, but of been some kind of update or maitence.

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Yeah mine went down again as well just before midnight, rebooted both ONT and router and still not up :frowning:

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If the internet is down on a Friday does that mean we are stumped until Monday? My internet is down and it’s now 5.20pm I am worried it is going to be like this until Monday now.

No you won’t be left without internet :slightly_smiling_face: we are actively working on yours as priority number 1


Connection came back just before 9, do we know why it dropped out this time?

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