Internet down, what about anyone else?

Should be back online now


Our internet went down for hours yesterday and has just started up again this morning however since Tuesday we have been unable to use Wifi calling. Given we live in an area where there is a lack of signal, we have been very reliant on this for work purposes. Could you please advise what needs to be done for this to work? @Yayzi_Team

Ps. I know it’s not the device or my mobile service provider as I have checked if this is working on other internet routers. Up until Tuesday it worked fine on our router with Yayzi but suddenly stopped.

Has anyone else experienced this issue or know how to fix it as it’s really impacting me?

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Yeah, mine’s back up now and noted about the IP, if it works in the future, I’ll just assign my IP manually.

It seems (s) city fibre have been at it again?

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I’ve not had anything today

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@L0rdVerga - What do you go on to get the information on that screenshot?

UniFi network app.

Click where it says “see all” on the ISP Actuvity

@L0rdVerga thank you I’ll take a look.

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Correct, mine has changed twice since yesterday’s outage.

You do have to have UniFi network equipment now

What APP is this?

Unifi network - for use with Ubiquiti Unifi network gear

I think yours maybe a separate issue.

Reconnect a couple of time and see if it continues to change.

If not guess they IP your on is your fixed.