Internet falling over

Twice tonight my net has gone down, I have rebooted the router but this worked only the first time.

I’m down also.

You’re not alone.

Down in FY2…

Here we go again down in Scotland

Down in Newcastle

Oh please not again. Down in Wolverhampton.

Fantastic, another night another issue, here is hoping this does not last days like last time

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Liam, stick 50p in the meter please!


Down in Leicester

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High five from Wigston :raised_hand:

Dead in LU2. Been flaky a lot of the evening beforehand.

Fist bump :facepunch: from internet free Wolverhampton

Down for me as well, Sunderland.

Dead in Derby

I remember my Nana having a 50p Gas meter in a utility room here in Scotland in the late 80s mind you she still had a coal fire too lol

Don’t worry, this is just an April fools joke by Liam. He’s having a good laughing at us all. :grimacing: I hope

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Down in Derbyx2

Down in Bolton too, right at the cliffhanger on my Netflix series :astonished:

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