IP assigned has a bad reputaiton 79.135.***.**

After the recent downtime i have been assigned a new IP but it seems to have a bad reputation, for example Reddit seems to block the IP and the mail service i use Brevo.com blocks connections from the IP outright.

Not sure what someones been doing with this IP in the past !!!

Could be the IP has no reputation or something else ? But does concern me that an IP used by a VPN service such as torguard seems to connect to Brevo and Reddit fine but the one ive been allocated is blocked.

Please can i be assigned a new fixed IP ?

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You’re not alone. Wth Yayzi?

Cant access:

Disney +

What kind of dodgy shit did you just hand out?

We’ve done full checks on these and can’t find any reputation issues, also geolocation looks to be fine - so this is really odd and we’re still investigating

If it helps I have the same issues with Disney and reddit. 79.135.101.*

Appreciate this and understand that connecting the disconnected users is the priority.

Disney I can live without for a shot period but if I can’t access ticket suppliers for gigs etc that’s a deal breaker for me.

Please let me know if i can help…

I think the problem is more than just IP reputation. The problems don’t seem to make sense. I’m on 154 network and had no problems yesterday. Today however I can’t connect to Sky Stream or Sky Go, BBC News App on my phone won’t connect at all. My banking apps will either not connect or will repeatedly give service timeout errors. Also and even more of a problem, my Zscaler Client Connect struggles to connect, more than a little annoying since I work for Zscaler. There is obviously something very wrong with the core of the network, but I’m not sure it’s IP reputation. All of my problems are in a backdrop of my router confirming that I have no connection dropouts and I am connected at 2000 up and 990 down.

We’re just going to make some changes here and see if that sorts it out

Just tried ringing you, but could you reboot your router and try those services again and let me know how you get on?

Can you apply a fix to me also please? I can’t access Disney+ or Reddit

We’re just making sure the fix works :slight_smile:

Thanks all good now :+1:

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I can confirm ticketmaster issue, thinks im a bot or similar, may use a VPN or Torbrowser for time being.

Just as an update. Streaming, websites, SKY Stream etc all working fine now, still an issue with Banking/Finance Apps. Specifically Santander times out a few times, but does work. Amex does not connect, Nationwide does not connect, also Experian does not connect. Strangely, F1 Clash won’t connect either. For now I think you’re 99% there, just some niggles to iron out

Those are some random sites, we’ll get looking at those

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It’s not the sites, it’s specifically the phone Apps. All of these work through the websites. There must be something specific to the App traffic


OK, bit more info. F1 Clash works, don’t worry about that. For the banking Apps it is only the initial “Securing connection” that isn’t working, if I get in to the App over 4G it then works fine over Wifi. So a very niche issue to do with the initial security handshake, other than that everything else works 100%

Thats from https://www.ipqualityscore.com

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That’s completely unacceptable from my perspective…

What are you going to do Yayzi?

93… geez - My connection ‘only’ has a 65 rating and ‘suspicious’.

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We’ve just been in contact with IP Quality Score - should have this resolved pretty quickly.