IP issues with websites,

I have a problem with some of the websites. For example I do not have an access to the https://www.britishgas.co.uk/ website.

Also I am having troubles working from home.

I have been told by my IT specialist, who operate network in my company, that my IP is located in US, and this is probably right because when I have checked my IP address I have got similar results. One IP checker shows that my IP is located in UK and on the other checker I can see that my IP is in US.

Why is that? Can somebody please fix that so I can work from home without any issues? Please see attached.

Thanks for providing the screenshots, this is helpful but I’ve removed them to your IP isn’t visible.

so what is the plan? how you are going to sort it and when?

Are you in a business connection?


Hiya just to make you aware, its possibly a geolocated IP address, which some companies use so the range of IPs could have been used and reused and abused at some stage.
They are in the process of ‘having them cleaned’ by contacting the companies who blacklist them, so that will be what they are doing. Timescale - depends upon the company on the receiving end and how often and how receptive they are :slight_smile:

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try checking yourself what location your ip shows:

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I think @Yayzi_Team should switch people to a different network range if people are having issues especially if it’s stopping them from working or carrying out essential activities. I appreciate that the IP DBs are out of their control and that they now have a dedicated person working on getting the providers to get them updated, but if you’re paying for a UK ISP, then you should be getting a valid UK IP so that you can get on with your life. Obviously this will affect some more than others and some users may not even notice depending on what sites and services they use, but if it is impacting a paying customer then I think it’s only fair to get them flipped over, even if it’s temporary while the DBs get updated.


Hi there! Is this why I’m having issues accessing https://p.eagate.573.jp/game/infinitas/2/api/login/login.html ? I need it to play some games, but I just get “Not Found” since I moved to Yayzi from Virgin yesterday. If I VPN from Japan it works, but I had no problems with my UK Virgin line for the last 6 years.

Everything seems to think I’m from London, but I’m actually in Coventry.

That’s a bit harsh matey! I agree on some points but think you could have phrased it better :grinning: just my opinion. Everyone is entitled to an opinion … Apparently :grinning::+1:

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I think you’re right. I’ve deleted my msg.


Hi, Can someone let me know if my problem is sorted? I still cannot access to some websites, for example: British Gas.

I can’t get to britishgas either, they must me using ip2location as every other database I’ve checked show the correct location info

Still wrong for me on ipbase.com

I would suggest that you keep an eye on the following topic (if you aren’t already) or add a comment on it.
They seem to be using that as a central topic for recording this issue.

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