IPv4 IP cannot be optained, but useless (for now) IPv6 could

Over 12 hrs disconnected from IPv4 with internet connectivity

But IPv6 IP could be obtained, so there should not be any question on ONU/VLAN/Cable Connection. It should be on CityFibre or even Yayzi side, the DHCP pool.

Mailed to support email, got some “useful question” like proper VLAN 911 settings/ WAN port / Router photo bahbahbah…

Nothing changed to the IPv4 IP I want

Basic background: D 2Gbps/U 1Gbps GPON plan, Calix GP1000G provided by CityFibre installer(Got heavy packet loss when connection >2000, but I am not going to deal with it as XGS-PON is coming.)

Config 1:
TP Link EX802V from Yayzi, no luck with IPv4 static IP

Config 2:
An x86 desktop with WinServer+VLAN 911 settings on Intel X520 thru 2.5BASET/10G SFP+ Swith, no luck

Config 3:
An x86 mini-pc with Intel-i225, opnsense installed and tested VLAN911 settings before, no luck.

Config 4:
Same x86 mini-pc to Config 3, with RTL8125 instead, opnsense installed and tested VLAN911 settings before, no luck.

Seems I am the only one today?

I don’t really want to use my Virgin Media backup Internet with tiny 50Mbps upload for my 100GB data today, as today (Friday) is the most busiest day in a week.

Hi there, why static IP?

For the interface out to the internet:
Vlan (id)911
Dynamic IP

If you can look on the router, PFsense web page you should see the IP before you configure anything else.

When I had PFsense plus, I dey the vlan to 911 and set the wan gateway to auto, from memory that was it.
If you’ve used it for some other provider, don’t forget to remove their sounds.

Oh, I mean the dynamic Public IP from Yayzi, which they seems to call “static IP” instead of CGNAT one.

Is there any true “static IP” by Yayzi?

However, every config were tested and working fine.
And I was using Config 3 daily for most of the time.

The problem happens only this morning (3am) I turn the machine off, and on again, then I could get none of them work.

The static IP is you’ve asked for one, Will be set as static their end so that it stays static when you reboot.
Have you tired restart the ONT? Remove the power and reapply it.
Check all lights come on.
Sorry, I didn’t realise that you have had a stable connection :slightly_smiling_face:

Of course I did all basic stuff like Restart ONT/ Check cable connection/ Power Cycle…
I could get Yayzi IPv6 address (just without internet gateway), so please ignore those basic problem.

Just why do you think the connection is not stable?
If it’s physicial cable connection problem (like too high attenuation on fibre), I should see the “Broadband” light turn off (or red?), but it never happens.

I’m trying to work out why you’re not getting the ipv4 address, for clarity did you sign up for an IPV6 address? So ignoring that.
Is the instability:
using wired or wireless? Have you connected via an ethernet cat 5e or 6a cable directly to the router to figure out where the instability lays?

I wonder if you really know what the material I said:
SFP+ Direct Copper to SFP+ Switch, S+RJ10 to ONT 2.5GBASET

In house connection are all SMF with BIDI SFP

Come on…I am not a noob.

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What is strange is you’re getting an IPv6 address which isn’t actually enabled on your connection, but also we don’t use CGNAT at all, we haven’t done now for several months. It’s died a painful death.

I believe our team is still working on this for you, and we’re expecting you to be up and running very shortly

I hope we could deal with it shortly, it’s really a impact on me that without fibre internet on busiest Friday.

And as Yayzi said whatever that side of it is you still need an ipV4 address if IPV6 isn’t enabled. So yes I do know what Single Form Factor Pkugable (SFP) is I use them every day.

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Any time you need any help the community is here, on their free time, ready to help :slightly_smiling_face: normally a layer 9 issue anyway

I seem to be having the same issue,

Luckily i have got VM still,

i have yet to get static IP’s and been waiting a few days, apprently the network team is having issues sorting this.

So far ive lost connection every few hours :frowning: somehow kept a ipv6 the entire time.

Back to live again exactly on 11:00PM

However I don’t really want to face another 24hrs IP renew cycle again…

@alu077 anyway SFP+ is so yesterday, we use QSFPs with VSLs and DAD along with LAG ports in LACP

Yap, X520 was release dten years ago, now getting a SFP28 NIC(Mellanox CX5 series), still not the latest but enough for home. Considered QSFP28 one but I don’t really need 4x 25Gbps port or 1x 100Gbps port.

Considered CWDM (old, too), but I would rather laying new PVC coated SMF instead.

At home or at work?! If at home, your house must be more like a datacentre! :grinning:

SFP+ is more than fine for home as 10gb is more than adequate for most. Plus, NICs and DAC cables are relatively cheap, you can get a relatively cheap agg switch for it all, and can always use fibre for any long runs. Well, all works well for me anyway!

Good layer 2 and as long as data doesn’t need to traverse in internet, the world is your oyster, we are taking a 6500 switch out but I think my other half would have an objection to it sitting in the rack ha!

At home, Invisible transparent fiber is so easy to use, with Hot-melt adhesive
I am using those coming with connector, without any splicing

A Fibre patch lead is sufficient for myself, I’ve not seen that stuff before, but then again have no use for it.
We use DWDM between sites in the home world I don’t have use either living in a bungalow.

Happens again when I turn my Opnsense PC off then on, seems I have to wait until 11pm (again), maybe I should try to release all IP next time I turn Router/PC off?