IPv6 plans and details

That’s great news - are you able to share any technical details yet?

Are we getting a native /48 block?

4 days …. Looking forward to playing around with this next weekend :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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What the latest…still being launched this week?

looking forward to getting this up and running.

please can you provide FAQ for config. thanks

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Looking forward to IPv6 at no time, hopefully…

Any update?
For a comms company, comms is not great.

Hey guys,

Apologies, as well as rolling out IPv6 we’re also adding more peering and backhaul as well as new hardware.

I can confirm everyone will be moved to IPv6 before the before the end of this month and a /48 subnet will be given :slightly_smiling_face:


When it is live could you offer some instructions on how to enable it through PFsense please.


Are we there yet?

How the plans for IPv6 rollout going?


Thursday eh? Looking forward to it!

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Hey guys,

First customers went live yesterday on our new infrastructure with IPv6 assigned. We’re doing some more this evening as well. Any volunters for the next batch tomorrow?


Sure Liam, add me, please.
Will this change my current static IPv4 address?

As long as it doesnt affect static ip customers, count me in. Will there be any specific config outside of SLAAC and prefix?

@Yayzi_Team :+1:

i’m in, happy to help test

I’d love to be in the next batch. I’ve previously configured IPv6 on Ubiquiti and Pfsense, so have some experience.

Do you need to implement any specific settings in PFsense for IPv6?

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sign me up :slight_smile:
I would be happy to volunteer

As above. As long as my static ip setup isn’t drastically affected I’m in!

There is a very good chance depending on the IP you have that it could change on our new network, at least on the short term. Please let me know if this is going to be an issue for anyone and I won’t include them in this batch.

I am prepared. Please proceed with mine.

You’ll be switched a little after midnight, new network will have new peering with LONAP, LINX, Netflix, BBC, Microsoft etc…

If you’re able to do and ping tests etc now for comparison that would be amazing!