Looking for a reason to not give up

Guys, help me out here. give me a reason not to give up and cancel my service…

Install was arranged for the 25th, engineer came out and installed all the hardware but was unable to get the service light to come up. they spent 2-3 hours and several phone calls back and forth with CityFibre trying to work out what was wrong, in the end, they had to go to their next job and said they would keep on trying to get CityFibre to sort it out.

At the end of the day, I got a phone call from them telling me that they needed to come back the following morning… so I managed to get home and use my lunch break rather than taking another day off to wait in.

After swapping out the OTP for the second time they again had to make several phone calls receiving the same response as the day before “Wait 10 minutes and it will be working”

again after half an hour, they had to go to their next job and I had to get back to work. they told me that it should be back on by the end of the day.

It wasn’t, they phoned me back later that day and told me that it was a software issue and that CityFibre would be able to sort it out on their end.

Having heard nothing from Yazi or CityFibre I submitted a ticket to Yayzi who informed me they had no control over the situation and that they would chase it up with CityFibre.

John from CityFibre then emailed me to let me know they needed to send an engineer here and then shortly after sent me another email telling me that Kelly’s had informed him that it was a software issue and that sending an engineer here wouldn’t fix it so he logged a case with another CityFibre team to have it fixed and that I should hear back within ~5 days (1st May).

I sent emails to John each morning asking for an update to which I was told “The notes show that the issue is being investigated but I don’t have any more information”

It gets to Day 5 and after chasing for an update I get informed that they would need to send an engineer to check the OTP is powered and check the connections. the earliest they could get an engineer booked in from the select of dates I was offered was day 7 (3rd May).

I reluctantly asked them to book me in for day 7 while wishing there was a bit more priority… to which I got a reply telling me that the slots offered had been taken and that the earliest someone could come out now was day 11(14th May) at which point on day 7 I emailed both Yayzi and CityFibre letting them know that I was very much on the verge of giving up.

Yayzi, replied letting me know that CityFibre had informed them that they were sending an engineer on that day(day 7) and that they would get back to Yayzi with an update by day 11(14th May).
At which point I emailed Yayzi, letting them know that I wasn’t made aware of this and that I think CityFibre were lying to us both and that no engineer would be turning up on day 7 as advised.

6 pm on Day 7 and just as I guessed, No engineer had turned up… I emailed Yayzi to let them know and I’ve heard nothing since…

I’ve so far I’ve paid £45 to Yayzi for a service I can’t use and had to Pay £75 to my “old” supplier to keep my line active out of contract. My job requires me to have an active service without it I’m screwed.

I’ve honestly come close to cancelling a couple of times since this whole saga started… but now I’m genuinely looking for a reason not to cancel… If anyone wants to help Yayzi from losing a customer… feel free to let me now why I should stick it out…

@Yayzi_Team can you help Ryan please.

@Ryan I’ve been with Yayzi nearly 2 years now, no company is perfect especially companies in their early stages, but I know for certain you get more of a personal service with these than you would with such as Virgin and I know that they will do their up most to get you on boarded and happy with their service.

Remember also that it’s currently a bank holiday so City Fibre won’t be doing any work.

It took me 3 weeks from the date of the ONT install to finally get service as I had they had issues getting the fibre from the Toby to the cabinet - they had to re-dig up the pavement to clear a blockage

when i joined a diffrent ISP i had something similar, (city fibre based)

the issue i had is they had not finished the install,

i had kelly’s out 4 times and i told them the issue and they told me its a blockage.

well there problem was they had not spliced the fibres together outside my flat.

Personally. do not give up, so far i havent had any big issues with yayzi and there support while only email based, has been great.

teathing problems? yes. but nothing other then great service from them

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Definitely teething issues, but great 1 month on! they’ve not charged me yet as my first month was free, interested in what they charge me as I got an upgrade vs what I signed up for. Don’t know why really, but not complaining, even if they want to charge me the (redacted) price