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There appears to have been a misunderstanding regarding my 2Gb upgrade and I have been without broadband since last night. I tried to contact Yayzi on WhatsApp and sent them some tickets but they stopped responding. I thought “Priority Support” meant something. Anyway, is there anyone who can help me as I can’t stay this evening without broadband? I have a job to do.

Last update from Yayzi was, that my connection will be restored today around 2pm. We have nearly 4pm and still nothing.

Try the direct message option from your profile to Yayzi Team that sometimes helps

Do you have 4 lights on the Ont?

Tried resetting the router?

several times and still nothing


We’re really sorry about the delay, we’re still awaiting CityFibre to sort the ceases out still, its really not an ideal situation but we can assure you we’ll get your 2Gig connection up and running as soon as possible.

I’ll keep you updated on here.

Yayzi Support Tea,

It’s not 2Gig It supposed to be 1Gig

Have you logged into the router itself? Im Assuming you’re on dynamic and not fixed IP?

I would have thought that the four green on the ont would mean that you’re good to go…

Tried a different network cable from the ont to the router?

Unfortunately just having both broadband and service lit doesn’t actually mean everything is definitely going to work, it’s just if those lights aren’t lit then things definitely won’t work. It does rule out an issue on the customer side though, if those lights are lit the issue is always on the WAN side.

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I was assured by Yayzi that someone is working on my case to restore my connection. That was last evening.
Unfortunately whoever it was probably got tired coz until now my broadband is down.
Is this is a joke?

and I just noticed that my ticket that I raised yesterday has been deleted. what is going on?

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CityFibre is still working on your line, we know this process hasn’t gone well - but we’ve given our feedback to ensure this is much smoother going forward.

Yayzi Support Team