Modem mode on pro router hx

is there a way to make the pro router be a modem only?

If you have your own router, you can just plug it in and set to VLAN 911. No need for the Yayzi modem to have a modem mode really

my router doesnt do vlan, which is why I need it as a modem only - I have a xiaomi router, but its causing issues with Philips hue being on a different subnet etc

Which router is it as there are a few Xiaomi ones that support vlan I think


I didn’t know they even made routers, I thought they only did phones and 4G dongles…. More recently EVs

I don’t think you can do VLAN tagging (Ax6000) on the WAN tbh, unless you flashed the router with something like OpenWRT. Or you can purchase a very cheap managed switch then VLAN tag a port you will plug the ONT into then untag 911 on the side you want to plug your Router into.

Or there may be a way to do it using the Yayzi router, you can try this guide here How can I set up my TP-Link modem router as a pure modem?

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Have you checked for a firmware update in case it’s been added?