Moderators in the room

Hi @Yayzi_Team
Do you have anyone currently moderating this?
Sometimes if a comment is made in the wrong area and needs moving etc?

They do not have moderators, that I am aware, they only have the 3 staff accounts @Yayzi_Team , @Yayzi_Liam and @Yayzi_Staff …Volunteer Moderators would be a good idea though

That’s was for Yayzi

Yes, and I have tagged the staff to get their attention, would you please stop being so defensive

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I already did do hence the comment

This is a good idea! We’d be open to trying this. Any volunteers?


I’ll do it

I don’t mind when I get chance to, you would probably need a handful or so one would imagine.

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A good way to keep theads on topic as well :+1:

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If you just want the basic light touch eg editing the odd inappropriate word/typo, removing personal info, moving a post to the correct sub forum, spam removal and dealing with the odd flagged posts etc. then happy to oblige. I have experience, I just can’t tell you where most of it comes from (now defunct open source project).

Before implementing something like this, give some thought to how you want it done and the potential issues. Moderating a companies forum requires a slightly different approach than say a project or specific interest forum, you need to ensure that the customers can easily differentiate between Yayzi staff and whatever user class you put in for volunteer forum moderators. The last thing anyone wants is users passing account/personal info to a forum mod believing them to be a staff member etc. as in today’s world that’s a pita to document and deal with.

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Happy to help. Work from home so pretty much always online in the day and on mobile etc.

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Dropped you a DM :slight_smile:

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I won’t volunteer for this a I am too easily corruptible by power…mrrooooaaaaarrrghhhhhh!

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I did attempt to sign up to be Coral Crew, but they didn’t accept me there :smiley:

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think its only the Monzo team no?

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(post deleted by author)

Fan boi attack dogs? Nothing wrong with offering to moderate on your own free time without compensation.
Aslong as the moderators work within set guidelines and escalate as and when needed, I don’t see the issue with it.
I, like many of the others who have offered to moderate have spent plenty of time on the forum helping others. Nobody is getting attacked and certainly not for raising issues that can and do lead to people getting frustrated.

Ah, the post has been deleted.

Hush little dog !

If you want to bark, fix the fixed IP issue first.

The fix peak time congestion and then down time !

Can you moderate that ?

As a bonus you can even moderate in any order !

Thanks !

No, I’m sure they have volunteers moderators that aren’t staff