Multiple online games blacklisting IP

Hey, not had any major issues thus far until we got our static IP assigned…

We’re on the range and unfortunately have had various online games just completely ban based on the IP address (confirmed with their support) - some of which I have managed to have undone, but this is something that definitely needs to be addressed in general.

Best I can tell this is mostly on AWS based games, such as RuneScape or Elite: Dangerous.

Thought I’d put this out as a PSA mainly for something to look out for.


This is the online world we live in sadly. IP’s being bought in from 3rd party providers have a history, they will rent them out to whoever pays the bill, content and service providers (streaming/gaming) are often risk averse, they will ban known ‘ranges’ on the basis it’s easier to block and deal with the small number of exceptions, than deal with the potential drama of less reputable IP ranges being used en mass.

That will all be fixed when we run out of IPv4 allocations and IPv6 becomes the norm*

*Said by someone in 1998, probably, when IPv6 was ratified.

Not a dig at Yayzi’s IPv6 rollout btw; I’ve just always found it amusing that we’ve been talking about “the internet” migrating from IPv4 to IPv6 for basically my entire working career and we’re still not there yet as an industry :slight_smile:

Haha! Yes likewise I always find it amusing, some areas do use IPV6 but gives them something to talk about, we’ve been to seminars expecting to come up with plans for moving to IPV6 ‘one day’ ha!