My service has gone down

Same here up north. Not great that there is no network resilience.

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Down down south as well… Why does it show affecting customers on the “old network”? Wtf


They have been moving people onto their new network with better routing, although according to This post they were planning on moving everyone to the new network. Can only assume it did not happen.

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Down in Solihull too

Anyones internet back ?

Did your router location say Solihull, mine did not says I’m somewhere up north

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Nope nothing!! Is this a regular thing??

Not really had one short issue since November

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So how do I know if i am on the new or old network? I have been with Yayzi for 5 months and this is the longest outage i have ever had. Been down for 3 hours now in Milton Keynes. Sent a ticket to [email protected] but absolutely no response and the whatsapp number is now “not registered with whatsapp”

They’re probably over run with people asking for updates or complaining about outage. Let’s hope it’s back on soon, and I would like to know if I’m on the old or new network too.

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New customer in the last week but on the old network? Confused.

The way to fix that is to post regular updates. Should be at least one an hour

Down in Wolverhampton and has been for over two hours. I work from home and this has caused me so many issues. I regret ever taking this service out.

No regrets here, my last ISP wanted £45 for 300/30.

Hello fellow Unifi user… glad I kept my WAN2 on virgin till this get resolved.

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If its Crucial you should consider on 2 internet services.

Where the cancellation button? Haven’t experience worse customer service . No service for the 3rd time in a few weeks . Spoke with an advisor and he said he added a voucher to my account, which I didn’t share with . So most likely GDPR is not in order.
Anyone has any idea when the issue is going to be fixed?

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U-LTE-Pro are made for this :sunglasses:

Everyone will be back up shortly. We’ve taken the decision to move anyone who is down to the new network now, and this includes another 4 transit providers. So issues like this wouldn’t occur in the future.

Apologies for the inconvenience with this.

Erm, all our systems are linked. Nothing to do with GDPR. You open a ticket and your details come up, with your billing information, your previous tickets. If you have a forum account or not.

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