My service has gone down


Not sure what has happened but my internet has gone down, I’ve sent a message on WhatsApp but that doesn’t seem to be in use.

Not sure what is happening but can someone contact me asap?

Same here. Been down about 15 minutes.

Same here in sheffield.

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Same for me also at the moment.

Same Midlands


We’ve detected an issue on the network that is currently affecting a small number of customers nationally.

Our engineers are looking into this currently and we will provide further updates via our status page below:


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Yeah down here too in Rotherham

That message is old and unrelated to the current outage (if you check the status page everything is marked as operational).

I know noticed that, so the status is a waste of time, like WhatsApp

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Yep down here too in Sunderland. Looks like it’s a pretty big incident, and nothing on the status page at all. No reply on their WhatsApp support either.

Not an encouraging first month of service, it must be said!

4G to save the day!

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Me too in Maidenhead

Down in Bolton. Not even a week into getting this :woozy_face:

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Would be great if they actually managed the service better

It’s down up North too

Same here. Bournemouth.


There is an active incident listed now:

NTT Transit Outage

This incident has been open for 1 min 36 sec(s).

Incident Start Time

Mar 12, 2024 06:08:42 PM GMT

Affected Components

Core National Network

Incident Status Updates


We’re aware of an issue on the network with one of our transit providers. Traffic is being rerouted via new network within the next hour or so. We will keep you updated and apologies for the inconvenience.

Posted on Mar 12, 2024 at 06:08:42 PM GMT (1 min 36 sec(s) ago)

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Down here In York too. :pensive:. Well I’m assuming so I’m not home but my servers say it’s down :sob:.

Down in sunny Ipswich…



Down up here in Glasgow

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