My.yayzi Uptime monitor - doesn't like external equipment

My yayzi connection has been up all this time! What exactly is this monitoring? the ONT or does it specifically look for the router you provide? Does it monitor ICMP pings? because I allowed that on the Unifi Cloud Gateway Ultra

I would assume that most people who BYOD will have remote monitoring capabilities, so this is pretty useless. It could just do with a disclaimer

I’m not sure if it’s monitoring CF network as mine is same as yours and I use Yayzi router

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The honest answer to this, the portal is crap. Ignore it for now. We have a brand new one as well as brand new internal systems being done. You’ll have a wealth of information and self diagnostics tools in the new portal.



If you need a BETA tester for that too :joy:

I’ll be happy to be a tester for that please count me in :smiling_face:

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Count me in for testing :blush:

Got to love the honesty :rofl:

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