National Lottery - Can't Log In


Rather bizarre situation, I can’t Log In to the National Lottery over WiFi but can when using mobile data, what’s happening?


What’s your IP address? If the national lottery thinks you’re outside the UK, the login will be blocked

I’ve got no idea, I’m not very Techy.

Take a look at

This will give you your WAN IP address

for example

the first helps identify which network you are on

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This problem has been persisting since the big outage with the transit partner going down and is driving me nuts as well

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Yes it has been raised on the other post by myself and a few others.
It is down to our WAN IPs showing up in the US on certain databases.
Apparently it is going to take some time for it to update everywhere from what I have been told.

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I have the same issues, plays havoc when using speed tests as it picks servers in the US

You ip is being picked up as in the US.

This was happening to me.

Are you on a 149 address?

I have just been put on to a static range starting with 79.

All working fine now.

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Yep I understand that, I was just posting to confirm the poster isn’t alone. But thanks for the tip on getting the ip changed back as I’m on their premium package which comes with a static address so you would think this would have been done without asking.

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I’m on 149 IP address, does this mean I’m still on the wrong address?

I got temporarily put on a 149 address and couldn’t access the National Lottery site either so there are still geo issues with that address range. I would ask to be moved as this has been going on for quite a while now.