New Connection - Issues & Feedback

Morning - Connection went live yesterday and is working ok

Some feedback on the process - I was expecting a bit of a nightmare to be honest as the service was migrating from another CityFibre provider but a couple of hours of downtime and everything was sorted.

I did request a static IP via email when I ordered however this doesn’t appear to have been tagged to my order. Would be nice if this could be requested via the portal (or at ordering stage) - would cut down on the requirement for us to contact support

Line profile issues - seems to be a fairly common issue looking at reddit/forums here - going live with the profile set to 500Mbps rather than 900Mbps - guess this is a hang over from when you offered lower tier speeds?

When the lads from Cityfibre arrived - they did state for most ISP’s they have a contact number to call to ask the ISP to activate the line - means they don’t leave until the internet is up and running - for instance Openreach always ensure line is active and a speed test is completed prior to leaving.

Everything else looks as it should be - Coming from a ISP at almost twice the cost latency and such is basiclly the same so might have a customer for a while :slight_smile:

I’ve just joined this month also, I must say the service has been so much better than my previous provider(VM).

I’ve noticed that I don’t get the advertised speed, 500 up and down, I spent the last 3 days swapping my equipment out, trying different setups, even plugging in just a pc directly to the ONT box still get the sames speed max I get was around 550meg both ways.

@Yayzi_Team is this something you guys can look into? I thought it was just me but now I know it’s not.

Otherwise great service :+1:


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Hey Chris,

Thanks for the nice feedback, have a reboot of your equipment and give it another go. You should be all sorted!

Yayzi Support Team


All done :slight_smile: give your equipment a reboot.

Yayzi Support Team

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Thanks @Yayzi_Team,

Again awesome service, and I can confirm gettings speeds around 900Mbps



@Yayzi_Team Was this sorted on my line as well? Same with the static IP request


Your line has been done, static IP to follow shortly for you.

Yayzi Customer Support

@Yayzi_Team Sorry to keep asking but is there any update on being provided a static IP?

I’m happy to accept the additional costs etc


You’re all good to go, give your router a reboot and you should now have a static IP, and apologies for the delay.

Yayzi Support Team

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That’s worked perfectly. Good stuff :+1:

I suggest you start a new thread rather than tagging this onto the end of someone elses thread as it’s highly likely to get missed.