New Customer, have some questions


Looking to move to Yayzi, as im with Virgin media, and want better upload speeds.

Im going to be paying £150 to move out of my existing contract to Yayzi, so hopefully will get the questions I need answered.

  1. I currently have a Xiaomi AX6000 router, will this work with the 2GB Plan, avoiding the £99 install fee? and if so, how do I order the 2GB plan, without having to pay the £99 upfront?
  • has anyone got any speed tests of the 2gb plan over wifi?
  1. any way to see if I can move to the 2.3GB plan anytime soon?

  2. Any offers to waive/give any free months since im moving from virgin with an ETF?

  3. if I start on the cheapest plan with no install, can I move to the 2GB/2.3GB Plan without paying a fee?

  1. As long as your router support:
    VLAN TAG on the WAN PORT and DHCP. You should be all good.

You router has a 2.5Gb Wan port then your good for the faster speeds.

  1. Check out your postcode to see whats availble []

  2. Once you are up and running you can:

“### Yayzi DUO.

Downgrade and upgrade your package on-demand, at no extra cost”

The yayzi team can advise on the install fee.

would the 2gb plan work well for me wifi wise?

@Yayzi_Team could you help with this for me

No idea on wifi, all comes to having devices that can access at Wifi 6E using 160Mhz and support multi gig speeds.

6E theoretical 2400Mbps in the real world probably much less .

maybe looking at the Eero 6e as an upgrade

Fast Internet speeds will mean investing in hardware that can utilise those speeds… but would of thought its more suitable for wired connections.