New Customer, the Email support is great, the WhatsApp…

Not so much :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Thankfully Cityfibre texted me and gave me the option to reschedule

I’m looking into why you weren’t responded to, this isn’t acceptable and it will be sorted!

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Happened to me as well (not a customer yet)

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I didn’t come to complain! I want Yayzi to succeed that’s all

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I’m looking into this guys, it isn’t acceptable and I’m sorry :pensive:

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Not a problem, the acknowledgment and apology is great to see

Apology not needed :slight_smile:

Just seeing if it was a technical issue

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So I hope I’m not being impatient by asking for an update on the situation

But, any update?

Just to also confirm that I have tried the new WhatsApp and no response… don’t think that setup is working as expected.


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Maybe we should have texted the old number with the Ai generated female! Might have got a response…maybe not a response about internet mind you

Sorry guys, we’re just working on this. Seems the integration needs a little more work, so we will reply directly to the messages :slight_smile:

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Yeah just got my reply!

WhatsApp integration can be a pain sometimes :slight_smile:

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That’s awesome. I don’t expect a reply as what I contacted you for was sorted!

Glad to see progression