New Discourse Update?

Seems a new Discourse update has been applied? a new banner at the top? No one was notified? :slight_smile:

I know that community isn’t exactly a busy one, but still…

I don’t know how i feel about it lol, seems very ZOOMED in


Should be less zoomed in now :grin:

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Why has it gone to light mode now?

It fits in more with our branding, but a dark mode will be made available soon for anyone who wishes to use that :slight_smile:

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Oh fair enough! Have you given any thought about the moderation team?

A moderation team is something we’re certainly going to implement, we’ll probably be looking at getting that sorted over the next couple of weeks :slight_smile:

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I am loving the Green!!, much better than white

It’s nice and vibrant! We’ve introduced a lot of new colours into the brand

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MY EYES so bright lol, very nice green mind you

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Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 15.01.58
Have noticed that it might be worth using a different colour for your favicon for both your new website (which is fresh as fuck btw) and Discourse.

@Yayzi_Liam and @Yayzi_Team the Get in touch button points to /contact (which 404s) instead of /get-in-touch

There is also a lot of stock items from the template such as didn’t know you guys was going into the hand cream market!

for reference these can be found by using the sitemap.xml

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@Yayzi_Team // @Yayzi_Liam did you guys see this?

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