New Install Internet not working


Had CityFibre arrive today to install Yayzi and everything is working but the internet is still not. Seems like this company continues to run into this problem reading this forum.

How can this be fixed and how do I contact them? Seem to be running in circles. The WhatsApp number does not work.

You can either wait for @Yayzi_Team // @Yayzi_Liam or drop them a quick email to [email protected]


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Ask for your static IP details to put into the router. It fixed it for me instantly. Relying on DHCP to get your details seems to be unreliable.

Had ours done today this morning and no internet a bit annoying as have stream tv

Same here, got Sky Stream. Seems the be a everyone problem. That Yayzi continue to ignore and not fix.

Who is to say it’s Yayzi problem seems to me that it’s Cityfibre end not releasing the line or something.

Because CityFibre have ran their test which was successful plus I have all the lights working on the ONT. So that means it’s a router problem which lays with Yayzi :slight_smile:

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I’m wondering if a certain batch of routers are at fault then. Me like many others had no issue at all

We’re looking into it guys, no reason from our end for these not he be active


Ok thank you for the quick reply. All lights are green on the router but the internet symbol one. This one is off. What sort of time frame are we looking at?

I would recommend the email

They seem to be a lot more responsive on email, which is fair enough as they don’t have to check a website

I have emailed. And now had a response on here. Hoping this is resolved asap.

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Better hurry up Yayzi team :joy:


I hope resolved soon it’s not fair to be without internet and tv especially if disabled and stuck home most time don’t even have paint to watch dry


Thanks very much team just literally got connected and have tv well happy !! Hope others get sorted soon

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Lucky you. Still nothing my end yet.

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Hi, have you tried a reboot of both the ONT and the router lately? :slightly_smiling_face: