New IPs - Testing

Hey guys!

We’re bringing another 2 blocks of IPs online, but before we release them to the public we just want to ensure they’re “clean” and no issues with streaming or website access etc…

Any volunteers? :slightly_smiling_face:



Probably the people on 185 and 149. I’m on 79 and have no issues whatsoever

I’ve got nothing tied to my address so feel free to swap* to something else. (Router is set to grab from DHCP so no local config shenanigans expected)

Also if it goes wrong I don’t need the same address back etc.

I got moved to another i.p address around just before 1am no issues besides the wifi speeds

I’m happy to try it out

I’m happy to volunteer.

I’m happy to test count me in.

Moved you to the new range. Could you test websites and streaming etc… :slightly_smiling_face: thanks!

Moved you as well, could you test streaming and websites etc… thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

Netflix/Disney work fine, and all the usual websites that I regularly visit. Do you have any specific sites you’d like me to try?

Things I’ve tested


BBC iPlayer
Banking (Supermarket brand)

Not Working

Amazon Video / Freevee - Just throws up unable to play
Office 365 (Company I work for has strict policies for accessing outside of UK - Had this issue with the* initially)

None of these are issues for me - but might be worth checking. Also noticed Unifi shows this still as ‘Cogent Communications’

Might be worth tagging the post as Contribute instead of Help and support :slight_smile:

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Amazon prime working here

I don’t mind Liam temporary

I’m also happy to test them and give you the feedback. Is it going to be ipv4 or ipv6 or both?

Can test and hopefully get a fixed IP ive wanted since forever !


Happy to try

I’m happy to try too.

I have been on a 149 address, and whilst it’s better than it was I still get a few sites blocking - Screwfix account login and British Gas come to mind.

Checks on the IP location still show one lookup service thinking it’s in the US still (IPBase - IIRC)


This is very frustrating, someone needs to get their act together - this new range sees major services like Google think I’m in America and I can’t play anything from Amazon Prime.

Can you drop me an email to [email protected] and I’ll get this sorted for you