No active connection after install

Raising on here as I’m getting no response from support over WhatsApp - my line has not been activated since install yesterday and as such I have not had internet for 2 days. Can someone please fix this?

Seems to be pretty much the same issue as reported in other threads, which is concerning.

Just curious, what time yesterday did your install finish, and what do the lights look like on your ONT?

It was a carryover from a previous provider (who had disconnected the day before), but the ONT was on all 4 lights and the Cityfibre guys confirmed it was all ready to go, at about 11am. Been dead ever since.

Ahh you already had a working connection previously. It sounds like migrations can be a bit rough on Cityfibre.


Apologies for the delay in getting back to you, so there does seem to be an issue with customers that are switching from certain other providers, we’ve raised this with CityFibre and are working with them to rectify this.

We are currently working on your connection but weekend availability at CityFibre isn’t making things easy and the last thing we’d want is to have a customer without a connection.

As soon as we have an update we’re more than happy to share that via WhatsApp or on the forum like we have in the past.

Yayzi Support Team