No internet again

23.21 wednesday no internet using my id mobile data connected without internet not even a week service and down.
Even my sky is still working through ethernetbut no wifi

If your ethernet is working, but your wifi isn’t, and it’s the same router connected to Yayzi, then it’s not a Yayzi issue or Internet connection down issue.

Are you using the Yayzi router or your own?

If you have the hub wired an, it’s working, then you must have a connection. Try restarting your router if your WiFi comes from there,:grinning:

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Last night all mobile phones wifi had this symbol ! Beside the wifi.also its yayzi router
Ethernet to the sky was working then got the error no internet also after 10-20 minutes it came back.
Phones keep losing wifi signals wish i never got rid of sky the speeds was slower but never had issues like this with sky.

Smart phones tend to do automatic switching when it detects no internet on the WiFi, my phone does this, so when the internet goes off, my phone sees this and switches to 4g / 5g, this may be the reason for loosing WiFi, this is why you get an ! next to the wifi symbol.

Had no issues with skys routers only the yayzi routers sky wifi kept stable on all devices and no drop outs im on a rolling contract so if continuous wifi dropping i get rid.
Or would it better taking out the static ip for the extra £2.

Has it been happening since the outage? If so then it might be due to that, I’m still experiencing issues and trying to get it resolved. If not then it might be worth a factory reset of your router.

Hi reset router happened at start of connection laptop couldnt get a speed test below error on laptop had a faulty ethernet cable couldnt connect to laptop eventually found one connected but not speed test to try.
speedtest on phone but unable to on laptop.
Ive gone and ordered a new ip router TP-Link Archer AX55 Dual-Band Gigabit Wi-Fi 6 AX3000 Router.
See if that helps my sky tv connection finishes at end of month so see thats the issue or not.
But got very bad blackspots never had with sky the router is behind the tv. ive download both apps the aginet app thats the router ive got with yayzi and downloaded the tether app.20240314_125318|375x500