No internet - CityFibre

Anyone else lost internet this morning? isn’t loading so can’t check it there is an outage

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We’ve identified an issue, seems to be affecting only around 25 customers (weird) - Not sure why the link isn’t working, we’re checking on this :slight_smile:


I am also one of the lucky ones… Any prediction on times for a fix?

Me too :cry:

You’ll be back up and running shortly, I promise!

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Thanks, anyway of confirming that the issues each of us are experiencing are down to the fault you’ve identified. Hate to sit here assuming and then find out it’s something else.


I noticed that link awhile ago, and wondering why it does not cover the status for other areas such as Glasgow, only England not even Wales it seems.

They’re being adding. Scotland only got activated recently :slightly_smiling_face:

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