No Internet since Sunday 3 18:00

Creating a new post not to complicate the IPV6 discussion.

Basically since the move over to IPv6 on Sunday 3rd. Lost internet connection, no IPv4 since 18:00 Sunday. I have disconnected my router and plugged in the HX220 Yayzi router, makes no difference just get a disconnected message in the internet connection. try to connect and nothing NO IP address is provided by DHCP.

I have rebooted ONT and router. nothing.

Can you try the UniFi you had plugged in? Just incase its bound by the MAC - But we’re looking into it for you now :slight_smile:

OK have plugged the unifi back in

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Thanks :+1: :smile:@Yayzi_Team , Internet connection is back on a 185.210.170.x subnet address.

Please when you guys get some time can you post a note about the new IP subnets and what IPv6 settings are.