"no internet" since yesterday

Been a Yayzi customer for 18 months, no problems except yesterday lunchtime our internet dropped and after rebooting etc and spending nearly 3 hours now, I still can’t fix it myself. 4 green lights on the black wall box, blue light on my HX220 mesh box and VLAN set to 911 with dynamic IP
any suggestions?
thanks in advance!

Got the network team looking at this, we can’t see any issues on our end, but we have asked CityFibre to check on their end as well, we’ll get you sorted don’t worry :slightly_smiling_face:

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seems to be working now - >800 Mb/s upload and download!

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Please mark it as resolved/solution - it really helps the community

apologies for newbie question - how do I mark it as resolved? select one of my posts as a solution?

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Yes, there’s no actual way to mark it as resolved on Discourse. I thought there way, my mistake

I’m part of the Monzo Community and they close threads after 180 days of no response