Not getting advertised speeds

I recently got fibre installed and paid for 2.5gb speeds with yayzi, it took over a day to actually work then I only got 500mbps for half a day then it dropped down to between 20-70mbps.

I do not understand why and any help would be appreciated.

A little more info would help

  1. is it Yayzi router?
  2. wired or wireless?
  3. what speed test location are you testing
  4. do you have a 2.5gig Ethernet card installed via pc?


Yes it is a yayzi router, I was doing a test on my phone and pc both wireless, but I’m not sure about 3 and 4 I don’t really know how to check, sorry

Question 3) what server are you picking on the website

Question 4) so since you are using wireless on pc then I’m guessing you don’t have a Ethernet card.

Are both tests the same speed and also are you connecting using wifi 2.4GHZ or 5GHZ

I don’t know which server, I use ookla speed test on both so I guess which ever one is the default, also how do I check if it’s 2.4GHZ or 5GHZ

If you go to the bottom right on laptop/pc and click the wifi icon it should tell you

Sorry for the late reply, it’s 5GHz

Did you try follow these tips also

Go to the tips & tweaks section on this site and click get the best out of your Yayzi router and follow what it says

If you have a laptop or device with an ethernet connection on, try plugging it into a router port directly to see what speeds you get there.
Check the ethernet nic on the device is 1 gig not 100 Mbps

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I can’t find it

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Look here

I’ve had a look through that but none seems to apply to my situation

Do you know if your PC is 2.5G capable? Keep in mind you’ll never get that on wireless, you can get close, but it likely won’t be stable

To get 2.5G, your PC will need a 2.5G capable Ethernet card or 6e capable wireless card, which most cards battle gigabit

Yeah I know I wasn’t going to get 2.5gb but it shouldn’t be 70mbps

The first thing to point out here is you will not get 2.5Gb via wifi, test (even on a temporary basis) with a wired device direct to the router remembering if it’s only gigabit capable, that’s the best you’ll get. In terms of you shouldn’t get 70Mbit, it all depends on the wireless device and what’s in the way, 70Mbit wouldn’t be ideal if the router is in the same room as a modern device with decent capabilities, but if you’ve got it tucked behind a large RF shielded device like a TV and between a wall, then actually that sounds a lot more reasonable. I’m amazed non of the tips and suggestions in the other thread apply to you, they literally apply to everyone using that router iirc.