Not getting full speed 2.5gb

Hi, got connected last week. Not getting full speed. Supposed to be on 2.5gb. also on the Yayzi website shows my connection is not up.

Have tried creating a ticket, using WhatsApp and emailing. No answer from the team

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The portal doesn’t work with the newer routers Yayzi provide. They are in the middle of upgrading the website to fix things.

With regards to your speed, what speeds are you seeing? Are you connected wired or wireless? WiFi is not sufficient for 2.5Gb speeds and Yayzi only apply the speed guarantee based on wired speed tests.

Could you post some speed tests from various servers? Community Fibre is one of the better ones on

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Yes you have basically told us nothing :joy:

1)is it on pc using wired or wireless?
2) if on pc are you using any Antivirus?

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No antivirus

On wired pc, to the 2.5g lan

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Do you have anything you can run iperf on? Make sure the local network is not the issue?

Also try nPerf Speedtest as they use 10G capable servers where as Speedtest ones can be random in terms of capability

Let’s start with the basics, some of this may seem unimportant, but it is.

  • Does the PC you are connecting have a 2.5Gb capable port? Older 10Gb NIC’s often don’t support 2.5/5Gb (NBASE-T)
  • What type of network card are you using? Eg i225/i226 or RealTek r8125 etc.
  • When you ‘wired PC’ is it a single cable direct to the 2.5Gb port on the router or does it go via structured cabling/powerline/wifi/switch to the router?
  • Do you have any ‘security’ or Anti-Virus software installed, even if it’s not enabled?