Not recieving 2.5GB speed

Hey I just want yous to check if im recieving the right speeds at your end as I keep doing speedtests and im recieving nowhere near th correct speed please can you check, speedtest link attached —>SpeedTest

thankyou, Ashley.

Is the test on PC?

For the sake of argument a computer using a wired connection direct to the router’s 2.5Gb port. Testing any other way just adds more layers of variables and wifi simply isn’t going to deliver 2.5Gb in the real world.

Please share more information on your set up?

How has this Speedtest been done, has it been done via Ethernet or WiFi?

sorry, I tested via ethernet all leads are cat8, directly connected to the TP-Link router supplied, I use Googles Nest WiFi Pro also for a mesh system but thats all unplugged when trying to speed test, only thing connected when testing is my PC directly to the 2.5gb. CityFibres ONT is connected to the WAN ETH port ont the router.

@AJHutchinson93 What antivirus do you use on PC? If have one installed then remove it completely as this was the reason. Why I wasn’t getting full speed

What is your network card/usb network dongle speed?

Remember it’s what you are connecting to

If it’s not 2.5gb capable then the most you are going to get is 1gbps and that’s very unlikely with firewall/protection enabled.

i dont use any antivirus not even defender, and i have a 2.5gb adapter

What type of adapter? Also what speeds are you getting down/up

In addition to Shaun’s questions as you’re getting above gigabit speeds, you’re obviously not limited to gigabit, what happens if you try a different speedtest server? CommunityFibre may be a good place to start.

I fcuked my computer up last night and had to fully wipe/reinstall and speeds seem better now, pretty strange new tests are better just some reason the upload speed starts strong then starts declining, much better than the other days results though so still a win in my eyes, thanks for trying to help :blush:

3rd party LAN software that normally packs with some motherboards usually screw up connections, MSI Lan manager is one of them. Even if you uninstall them the damage is usually done. I’ve found a reinstall is the best way of fixing these issues.

Good to see a positive outcome. As @supershaun found out, just disabling doesn’t always work sadly, and can be very frustrating as it obviously should work. I only use chipset drivers from the chipset manufacturer as a general rule, motherboard and Windows certified drivers are rarely current.

i didn’t have anything other than barebones installation i cant do with bloatware, :rofl:

just happy its sorted, now to try and get a Static IP ._.

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All I can say on that one is since cloning the MAC of my ISP supplied router, i’ve had the same static IP for a few days now, even after power outages and reboots, so that’s progress. It being geo-located in the right place is still not a given, but the fact that some things are starting to work that didn’t suggests progress again, sadly it just takes time… or a VPN :smiley: