Offline for 60 hours and counting

As many others I am fuming here :angry::

  • Upgraded to 2Gbit on the 14th.Offline since 08:00.
  • Engineers came at 10:00 and left because they had no idea they were upgrading ONT and had to drive 80 miles to get one.
  • Came back and replaced the ONT at 15:00; 4 lights (eth blinking), red on router and no internet.
  • Got connected the next day on the 15th at 17:05; enjoyed it for a few hours and then offline at 00:00 for 15 minutes.
  • Offline again at 06:00 of the 16th November and nothing has changed since then.
  • Dashboard says ‘cease pending’. Logs on router, mention that there are DHCP errors.
  • Changed to Static, connected directly to the ONT with vlan 911. nothing
  • WhatsApp support is active but feels annoying that they try to fool us reassuring that everything is fine and will be fixed immediately after every reply but no proof of any action taken. No issue emails, nothing, just reassurance that basically translates to lies.

Cityfibre raised 9Bln but doesn’t want to speak to any of their clients.
Yayzi doesn’t want to either.

Another day without internet. 60hours offline and heard only lies, not to mention that the direct debit started a month before having service and no refund ever made.

Even if it is CF fault I expect Yayzi to address this. They should schedule an urgent engineer visit and resolve this.

I am considering contacting the Ofcom-approved alternative dispute resolution (ADR) service

Although It appears you are not registered with the scheme you are still legally obligated to comply: Automatic compensation: What you need to know - Ofcom

Hope you get this sorted soon. If it came up after the upgrade and went down again it does sound like something weird going on with the CF end ceasing the line again or something strange.

If you have broadband and service light lit then in theory it can be fixed without an engineer visiting your property, so hopefully something that can be easily expedited.