On 2.3gb Pro - router set up question

Guys… Looking at the Yayzi Router interface and trying to see why one of the connections is getting random drops…

I noticed that the connection type on the Internet is set to Dynamic. Shouldn’t that be set to Static?

Also, should the lease time only be 2 hours? I’m wondering if thats what is causing the drops…

Looks like a lot of drops too in and around 21:05 to 21:10

If your on that service you should have static, from what I see on forum statics don’t always get allocated from install you have to ask. :roll_eyes:

Static or dynamic on your router side doesn’t actually have any bearing on whether or not you have a static IP from your ISP. Yayzi uses DHCP to allocate IP addresses, essentially what that means is that they have a server sitting on their side, and your router reaches out (every minute currently, I believe) to ask what IP (and other configuration options) it should use. When you get assigned a static IP from Yayzi, what they do is configure their DHCP server to give your router the same IP consistently every time it asks, as opposed to one that can change.

What this means is that if you have a non-static IP, you would never want to configure the router side as static because a working IP/config for you is subject to change and when it changes, your side would break. When you have a static IP, you could configure your router statically if you really wanted to (you’d essentially be copying the settings that DHCP is giving you) and in theory nothing should break, but there’s not much point since the DHCP server gives you that info anyway. The only benefit would be if Yayzi’s DHCP server dies while the connection is otherwise still working, then a static config on the router side would save you.

ISPs do this in different ways, some use DHCP like this, others use PPPoE and assign you an IP that way, and some would require you to use a static config on your side.

When using DHCP, your router should always be requesting a renewal of the lease with plenty of time to go until the lease expires, to ensure that there is no loss of connectivity. Generally, if Yayzi’s DHCP server is actually down, you’d expect to see all customers losing their connectivity within just a few minutes as everyone’s leases expire. If you don’t see a bunch of people complaining all at once, it was more likely a Cityfibre issue in your area for a few minutes than DHCP.

If the IP your router has been assigned starts with 100. it’s likely a non-static CGNAT IP, if it starts with something else it should be your static IP as expected.

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Thank you Peter. It starts with a 9 so the IP should be OK.

Doesn’t explain the constant dropouts yesterday evening between 9 and 940.

The drops definitely don’t sound like something that should be occurring frequently. For what it’s worth, I’m not seeing any drops at all during that time period, so there’s at least one data point saying it’s not DHCP. Likely need @Yayzi_Team for this one.



We’re looking into this for you :slight_smile:

Yayzi Support Team

Wth is going on. Is 60 a second lease time normal or has this been set up wrong?

I’m seeing “send REQUEST to server” and “recv ACK from server” every minute…

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We’re going to be making some changes to the lease times.

Yayzi Support Team

When exactly will that be happening? Do I need to restart the ont? The router?

Just to correct my earlier post, the requests are every 30 seconds…

Yes the 60 second lease time is normal (currently). As mentioned they will be extending to lease time but it’s totally normal right now and not a cause for concern.

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I had the exact same issue, but it turned out to be 2 different problems. One was the lease renewal, for some reason it would be fine until it failed, with no obvious cause for the failure. Since reporting it, Yayzi have said they’re looking at it, and while i’ve not heard back it seems to be much better. The other issue turned out to be clients dropping off the router and reconnecting constantly, but this as a router setting problem rather than a fibre problem.

When it happens again, you need to pull your router logs (log into router on, click advanced tab near the top, then system tools at the bottom of the left menu, then system log) and upload them here. You only have 30 mins or so though as the log doesn’t survive longer than that.

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