OPNSense on 2.5GB

Hi All,
Hoping someone could provide a little bit of info.
I am having issues with download on the 2.5gb service, I am using a homebuilt OPNSense Firewall/Router.
Currently I cannot get any faster downlaods than 1.5GB, Upload doesn’t seem to be having an issue as this always seems to get line speed.
OPNSense is running on top of ProxMox with an Intel I225 twin port NIC, this is passed directly to OPNSense.
OPNSense has been working with out issues and had no problems with a Virgin 1GB connection.
Just struggeling to get line speed on the download. I have tried turning off all protection services in OPNSense and not seen any change to download.

Is it within the devices capabilities do you think first of all, think you need to establish that initially.
Is there bus bottlenecking etc.

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Thanks for the reply Nigel.
I dont think its going to be an issue wuth BUS speed.
Proxmox is running on a Lenovo Mini PC with an Intel I5-8500 and 32GB RAM.
speed tests while monitoring OPNsense are only showing 30% CPU utilisation.
The hardware is very capable of hitting the required speeds

i5-8500 should be fast enough, I was using J4125 (much weaker CPU) +4x i225 (Direct connect to CPU) with Opnsense for Yayzi, could reach 2Gbps Max on speedtest.net

However, most of the i225 twin port NIC on the market seems using ASM1182e (PCIe Switch, from 2.0 x1 to 2x 2.0 x1)for PCIe bifurcation
It will reach bottlelack when both i225 reach more than 1330Mbps on single direction, but I don’t know both i225 share the whole 2.0 x1 bandwidth or just get halved.

thanks for the response Alu.
the specific integration of the I225 im using is the QNAP QXG-2G2T-I225
I am not sure if its using the same PCIe switch.

QNAP QXG-2G2T-I225 < this is using Gen2 x2 Switch, but not ASM1182e.

However, you have mentioned that Opnsense is on Proxmox, How do you handle the LAN?
Host VirtIO on i225? If so, do you enable multiqueue like =6 on your Opnsense VM?

The NIC is handed to the Guest VM directly.
LAN on one port, WAN on the other.
Speed testing is showing speeds greater that 1330Mbps as Upload is always a nice 2.3-2.5GB.
It is very tempting to switch the NIC to an X550 T2, but that is an expensive fix if its not the NIC thats causing the issues.

Why not boot it bare metal (USB) to make sure? OWRT for example is linux based and will exclude all driver/OS issues and will run in RAM from USB.

Thats something I will try tomorrow to confirm if the NIC is working as needed

small update

seeing 2GB on one of my linux boxes, fecking windows giving shoddy results