Opnsense router (n100)

Hey everyone,

I’ll be joining the Yayzi family on 10th of next month and have just ordered a N100 that was linked by @Anthony on the forum. I like the idea of having control over my own router and device so was a win/win

what I’m not too sure about is the exact settings ill need to put into opnsense to get it working , if anyone is either willing to do a quick guide if possible step by step (maybe be useful of future members too) or point me in the right direction I’ve watched a few YouTube videos but that’s just left me with more questions :joy:

Thanks for the help

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VLAN 911

Should be all that’s needed


The only fiddly part of the setup is creating the VLAN and assigning it to the WAN interface. I used PFsense but the settings will likely be identical for Opnsense. This is how to do it on PFsense.


So follow the above guide except put in 911 as opposed to 10 at this step " The VLAN ID number, in this case, 10"

Personally, I switched from PFsense to IPfire which is so much easier to get the basics setup.


I use a UniFi cloud gateway ultra, work well

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Thanks all,

feel a bit less stressed now hopefully router should arrive in a few days from aliexpress

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if you want any help, i would be happy to assist, i use OPNsense, and so far its been a breeze now i have it correct

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That’s greatly appreciated I may just take you up on that thank you

Good luck with Aliexpress.
I bought a N305 4X 2.5Gbps ports soft router that ran with Pfsense on Proxmox, it broke down every few hours. Got it RMA and today they refunded me.
Well, I’m giving Aliexpress another try and waiting for my N100 delivery…

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Would that suggest it was overheating? A fan may have fixed it. Or reapplying the thermal paste.

it could well be a thermal paste issue, but I didn’t want to void the warranty and went to RMA. I didn’t expect them to refund me straightforwardly, just wanted a functioning replacement.
Anyway, I’m now waiting for my N100 motherboard delivery and I plan to run it in an ITX case with proper ATX PSU, fingers crossed.