Outages and customer support

Installed 4 weeks ago, didnt work for the 1st week, outage every Sunday for following 3 weeks, Zero ways to get support on a Sunday, verry poor customer support options in general. Not worth signing up to and will be switching providers.

Im a CityFibre engineer and all of the network is working fine. 100% a Yayzi issue.

Have you tried to email them? I’m sure yayzi do have support on Sundays. Also I don’t think you can 100% say it’s yayzi fault tbh but here we are.

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We’ve just got your WhatsApp that you sent about 40 mins ago. We’re looking into this for you, but there aren’t any ongoing issues that would cause you any problems.

Did you discover what the issue was there previous 3 Sundays? What kind of area?
100 percent Yayzi because? CF don’t work Sunday?
Have you done all the usual? Rebooted the ONT and router?

Checked the cable between the ONT and router?

Service light is off on ONT. Ticket raised with CF :slightly_smiling_face:

I thought they don’t work Sundays? Only the NOC for urgent issues maybe?

Because they are a city fibre engineer, they know it’s Yayzi :upside_down_face:

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Haha! In our case it’s always the network

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They don’t, but we can still open tickets. They just wouldn’t be actioned until tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ah same as OFNL then.

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But guys, he’s a city fire engineer he can raise the ticket himself. There is definitely no issue with the city fibre network he said so himself /s

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