Package changes

When we change the speeds online in our package say for a temporary boost,
How long till that change becomes active? Are any other steps needed for doing this? :slight_smile:

I don’t think this is working until Yayzi’s new portal/software is released.

Correct! Our new software will allow instant on-demand upgrades and downgrades. Currently if you wish to upgrade we can do it :slightly_smiling_face:


Great. Currently waiting for xgs-pon despite a new build area.

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You can on-demand downgrade? without a phone call? what is this MADNESS??? Other ISP’s need to copy this! most ISP’s you can upgrade online, but not downgrade

Thats what their plan is. Game changer honestly

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It really is! Virgin wonder why they’re so busy all the time, because you have to call to downgrade your package for no other reason that them trying to sell you something

Well, all ISP’s do the same from my experience, Want to cut down on calls? Allow downgrades and cancellation online

Well yeah but. When doing that it will sign you up for a new 18/24month term thats if they let you downgrade, with yayzi you can do it without extending your contract length and you can choose to upgrade for a few hours or a few days then go back to the lower speed.

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Yayzi gonna be the market leader on CF anyway :smiley:

How innovative

Innovative would be not making you sign up to a 12/18/24 month contract… Oh yeah they don’t do that either :wink:

Yes Yayzi has some issues, but those issues can and are being fixed.


Absolutely DETEST Virgin Media. They done me wrong bruv.


I don’t like em either, roll on tomorrow!