Playstation Portal

Hi, does anyone have their Playstation Portal or ps remote play working externally on yayze? My portal works exceptionally on the LAN but as soon as i leave to switch to mobile i instantly get kicked off. I was reading that CGNAT could be causing problems but thats above my head. I have ports forwarded to the PS as recommended by PS but still no connection.

Yayzi do not use CGNAT anymore

Does it give you an error message?

There is no error it just fails to access the playstation. I have adequate connection on my psp (mobile) it just does not connect however if i switch to wifi it instantly connects. ive tried this in and out of the house at various locations i just wanted to rule out my router not allowing the psp through to access the playstation for any reason.

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What NAT type does the PS say?

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The nat is type 2.

Have you got your PlayStation on a static IP? If you have port forwarded but left your PlayStation on DHCP, or without a reservation, it could have a different IP to the IP you originally port forwarded to.

Hi there,
Sorry am I missing something? So it works on Yayzi (wired or wireless) but not mobile?

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Have you tried whether it works on another wifi network? I.e your PlayStation is on your Yayzi network, your PS Portal is on a different wifi network, say a neighbours.

That would narrow down whether the issue is on your side or your mobile networks. I suspect the mobile network is the issue here, as the majority of them use CGNAT.

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Yes that is correct, but the playstation remains on yayzi when the portal goes mobile hence the enquiry with yayzi as i think it is relating to my router granting access to the portal when it is mobile.

I checked and the ps was not static i have now set to static and opened up the correct ports but still no connection. I am going to try the playstation on another internet connection to rule out the mobile connection. Thanks for the help.