Port Forwarding


I have just signed up and can see that the IP address I have been assigned is part of the IANA private address range. 100.65.x.x.
How do i Port forward through from external to my home devices with this setup?
I require seval call back ports to be open for my home services.
Is this the only IP range that you provide?

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You’re currently behind CG-NAT - getting a static IP would sort your port forwarding issues out. (cost is £2 per month)

We’re currently working on 24-48 hours for new Static IP’s to be assigned as we’re doing system wide changes due to the new 2Gig and 2.3Gig packages being launched.

Yayzi Support Team

How would i upgrade to the new static IP?

If you drop us an email at [email protected] we can get it added for you.

Yayzi Support Team