Positive feedback - new install/customer

Just wanted to provide a bit of positive feedback to Yayzi and the team

My installation was on 10/06/2024 - leaving the god awful virgin media behind, for good!

The city fibre team text me at 9 am stating they would arrive around 10am and true to there word that’s exactly what time they arrived.

The team where pleasantly surprised to find an old ONT installed back when I had octaplus (:nauseated_face:) and where confused why they had been called out I explained it was to upgrade the ONT to 2.5 variant.

A quick check of there notes and that was confirmed then a manager from city fibre turned up and gave one of the installers a telling off for not wearing a high-vis, don’t really see why he was required to he was in my living room not many dangers in there apart from my shih tzu😂, they swapped out ONT and then waited till 4 green lights and got me to sign to say I was happy and they where off.

All was fine for a day then for no apparent reason my connection crapped out to around 300mb max both up and down and the team where quick with there email responses.

It was nice to see techs actually offering useful advice and not reading off a script, we did a lot of troubleshooting and did not seem to get a lot of different. Then for no apparent reason the connection fully restored to full speed and has been rock solid since.

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to the team and hopefully many years of happy and trouble free internet


I am glad your install went well, Welcome to the best ISP on CF (Not fact, just opinion)


Welcome to the great support forum and amazing people. In my opinion Yayzi is the best out there and will be for many years to come.