Pre Order Questions

Currently with another city fibre provider and have been for over a year with faultless service on the 900mb package.

Looking to move to the 2/2GB pro service so in my mind this would just be a transfer and an ONT upgrade. Give 30 days to current provider and arrange the move.

Questions… @Yayzi_Team

Does the install fee still apply? I also don’t need any equipment as I have my own.

Why do I see so many issues entitled geo location and services not working. Never experienced this with current provider.

I have some port forwards on my firewall to internal services, will these still function on your static range.

How long would I expect to be offline on the migration day.


Geo issues: They bought some IPv4 ranges off someone in America and the databases are updating slowly

Your port forwarding will work, yes

As for the migration I am not sure, I am a customer


Just to pick up on that, the IP range you was using may be more mature with your other provider and so less issues as they are now generally leased from another company.
These are quite “new” as in recently leased by Yayzi but as above they are updating various companies IE mind max to update them.
Uphill struggle at times, but I think they are getting there slowly.


Cityfibre’s transfer is a bit on the clunky side; factor in the day for downtime. I have done 2 moves between Cityfibre ISP. most issues were Cityfibre related. ranging form 5- 12 hours

As you looking to move and upgrade to a faster speed Cityfibre will be focus. Maybe easier to move to Yayzi on your existing GPON connection. Verify connection is stable works, no IP address geo issues and you port forwarding all works with your services on a static IP.

Then get the ONT upgrade.

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Thanks for the info i do have a 5G failover, so will be good for short period on switchover.

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The Pro Set Up fee majority covers the cost of the 2.5Gb capable router, but if you have your own capable kit then the fee is just £25 as we may still need to swap your ONT to a 2.5Gb version.

Yes thanks for info the ONT is only a 1GB capable version.

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Fun fact, even with my own equipment I wasn’t charged a setup fee at all, even the £25

I’m on 1.2g pro

Did you come through on the Reddit offer? If not let us know your account name and we will bill you hahah - joking :wink:

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Haha. I did actually, I like how they didn’t claim the name!

Ordered the connection so hopefully the ONT swap goes without a hitch, and dont have any of these geo issues.

I was down for a few hours after the ONT swap. Just prodded Support and everything started working. This was a few months ago so think the process is a bit more streamlined.

yea I’m hoping so… Have a failover connection to 5G so wont be completely offline

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