Pricing Structure

Am I missing something here…? why would the 2.3 & 2Gig prices be the same for a reduced upload service…?

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The pricing from CityFibre is the same for both of those products, we did have this argument with them. But the 2.3Gig Pro+ package will go up to £55 after 31st December, we’re going to keep the 2Gig at the same price of £50.

I hope that clears things up a little.

Yayzi Support Team

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You’ve bumped a thread from 5 months ago to ask a question that’s clearly answered in the screenshot in the op (no price increase for 3 years) and that’s still stated still on the main site today :man_shrugging:

Prices changed for new customers, existing customers still paid the contract rate and i’d imagine would continue to for the remainder of the 3 year term unless they change package or move ISP.