Regraded 1.2Gbps service spot on!


Just wanted to say that I have been running speeds tests on the new line and it has been solid for both Download and Upload speeds!
Download speed: 1136.92
Upload speed: 1124.45
Download speed: 1134.12
Upload speed: 1127.58
Download speed: 1124.17
Upload speed: 1125.21
Download speed: 1125.70
Upload speed: 1125.61
Download speed: 1121.18
Upload speed: 1126.18
Download speed: 1140.84
Upload speed: 1121.96
Download speed: 1120.74
Upload speed: 1124.09
Download speed: 1136.25
Upload speed: 1125.75
Download speed: 1133.53
Upload speed: 1127.26
Download speed: 1128.84
Upload speed: 1120.32

I have it running every 15mins running it against server id: 35057 (clouvider)

Wanted to post this in appreciation of the service!


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I wish we could get the 2GB/s ONTs from CityFibre to take advantage of this. Being stuck on a 1GB/s ONT when this is available is frustrating

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You can, we just send them out to upgrade your ONT :slight_smile: just drop us an email to [email protected]

I’m so excited to get connected! Alas I need to wait, it’s agonising! Cityfibre need to unblock a duct between my house and the cabinet, unknown how long it’ll take, or I’m just impatient :joy:

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Are the ONTs self install, you send one out and we plug it in ourselves.

The ONTs are not self install AFAIK an engineer needs to come plug it in. They don’t like us home users messing with the fibre. This is purely because dust can very easily penetrate the connector which in turn causes issues such as drop outs on the line. When they install them they tend to shove a camera on the line and check all is well. They also make sure they are not overpowering the modules. Hope this helps :slight_smile: maybe the Yayzi team can confirm

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This is true, they will clean and check the fibre before install, you can do it yourself, but the machine is very expensive…

you don’t just clean fibre with a microfibre cloth

I have seen VM install fibre via tiktok

Edit: Not as expensive as I thought, I must’ve been thinking of a fibre splicer

Fiber Optic Cleaning Kits | Fluke Networks

You’ll want a camera too - only 4 grand: Fluke Networks FI2-7000 FiberInspector Pro Fiber Inspection Microscope (


Not to mention the fact they also probs don’t want people touching it considering how easy they can snap. Cheaper to send the engineer out than to replace the fibre splice.

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Fibre of today is a lot more robust in terms of what it will tolerate without damage, modern materials have come a long way, but dirt is still dirt… we should probably be investing in research of dirt 2.0, I hear it’s the future and dirt cheap :smiley:

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Dirt cheap you say, I’ll take 2 in that case!

Yeah valid still hurts like a prick when you prick yourself with it.

Pro Life Tip: Don’t do that :rofl:

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Could have told me that sooner

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Don’t forget your Dirt Chest 9000 to keep it all in @WhyAydan


Ah yes, please tell me it’s unbreakable?

I believe it is only breakable with a Piston, last time I tried it. I don’t use that chest though, always gets skipped over. it’s useless and there as a joke :smiley:

I think it’s part of Extra_Utils

Ha fibre still sqashes and bend when someone (contractors) shut the lid of the fibre tray on it unfortunately we’ve had 3 occurrences. The core is still glass fibre, where as multi mode is plastic.