ScrewFix login page

Good morning all.

I hope this isn’t a silly question (I have a feeling it probably is) but since I’ve had Yayzi broadband installed, I am unable to get to parts of ScrewFix’s website. The main bit is okay but whenever I try to login, it tells me to clear-off. (“Access to was denied. You don’t have the user rights to view this page. HTTP ERROR 403”).

If I use a VPN (such as the one built in to Windows 11 Edge) then it all works fine.

I’ve tried various browsers (Edge, Chrome, Firefox) and different PCs / Phones through my broadband and they all do basically the same thing. Main site works. Login page (and some other pages) fail. If I use a different broadband connection then everything seems fine too.

This may be something silly that I’m doing but I can’t help feeling it’s something to do with my broadband connection.

Thanks all.

Kind regards.

From Mike, Solihull.

Looks like I actually have the same issue. Screwfix is using Yottaa firewall and I guess they are identifying these IPs as either a danger or not UK based.

I notice some other services identify my IP address as being from the United States.

Hey guys,

We’re looking into this, very odd considering the IPs have been in the UK for many, many months now.

Yayzi Support Team